Extra Extra! Read all about how to write a terrific press release.

April 9, 2011 at 9:37 pm (Comm 2322 Topics of the Week)

There are many ways to entice a reader to want your client’s product or service. Press releases come in pretty handy when selling an idea, but it takes practice. The obvious skills of persuasive and descriptive writing are important to tell a story, however there are 10 more skills that I would like to share in order to effectively write a press release.

  1. Make sure the first 10 words of the press release are effective. These are the most important -(taken from this website)
  2. Always write in third person (taken from this website)
  3. (For the love of God) Be concise and grammatically correct (taken from this website)
  4. Do not publicize an event that happen a few weeks ago. News is NEW!  (taken from this website)
  5. Write a strong headline. Try witty, spicy, daring, funny, or tastefully controversial. (taken from this website)
  6. Talk about the impact of this news on your company, location, employees, community or industry. (taken from this website)
  7. Keep the press release short and sweet by eliminating the fluff and hype words. (taken from this website)
  8. Use key words (not buzz words) at the beginning of the first paragraph.This makes your release search engine friendly. (taken from this website)
  9. If you have a small business that you are attempting to gain press for, try making major news stories a local spin. (taken from this website)
  10. Lastly, make sure that your release does not sound like a thinly veiled advertisement. You are writing to inform after all. “This will only get you a ticket to the trash” as this writer says it (on this website)

If you stick to these general rules, chances are you’ll knock the socks off of your audience. The goal is to hook, line, and then sink the readers to loving your product, or feeling informed on what is going on with your client.


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