Interviews turn…..virtual?

April 9, 2011 at 8:00 pm (Comm 2322 PR Connections, Comm 4333 PR connections)

Photo credit: Skype

I stumbled across an interesting article of 10 tips on how to conduct yourself during a virtual interview. I’m not completely familiar with virtual interviewing techniques, and I found this to be interesting. I would agree with most of the tips, like how to set the room lighting, and practicing a mock interview before actually going through with the interview.

One tip that caught my eye and I don’t know if I particularly agree with is the tip on looking into the camera instead of looking at the screen in which the interviewer appears. This may seem like it makes the interviewer feel as if you have better communication skills because you are giving them “eye contact”, but it’s obvious that the interviewer is not your camera.

In all, this is an awkward situation. I don’t think that it is completely necessary to look into the camera to prove that you are a good candidate for the position, but then again what do I know? I have never even heard of anyone having a virtual interview before.

Most people who use virtual chats with their friends and family are used to the speaker to be looking off in a direction other than the camera. I feel like it has just become normal to not have complete eye contact. Body language and social skills are much harder to read virtually, thus making eye contact with an interviewer forced and distracting.

Check out this article with other tips on how to improve your virtual interviewing skills.

What do you think? Is it more important to stare into the camera, or the computer screen?


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