10 tips on how to be a terrific blogger (for newbies)

April 8, 2011 at 5:01 pm (Comm 4333 Topics of the week)

When I first started this blog, I had an immediate headache. I’m not particularly computer savvy, and I get frustrated pretty quickly when I do not understand how to accomplish a task. Then I learned that it’s not too difficult. What I really would have appreciated, was someone getting me set up for success, and then learning along the way. Start simple, and then master the art of blogging into to something much more complex. I have compelled a list of 10 things you should do as a new blogger to get stated and find your way in the blogging world.

  • 1. Pick a blog theme that you know a lot about.

You’ll want to WANT to write on your blog. Nobody likes visiting a blog that never gets updated. Have a single topic or theme that interests you to the point of elaborating and diving into that subject frequently to keep your readers happy.

  • 2.  Explore your blogging website.

Learn the ins and the outs of whatever site you choose to blog though. It can be confusing to figure out the categories, and the pages. Choose your widgets wisely, and pick out an appropriate theme. You’ll begin to feel better when you see a finished product.

  • 3. Add photos and videos

These little eye catching treasures are going to entertain your readers in between all that text. We know you have something important to say, but if you want to hook the readers to stay tuned, you’ll want to stimulate them with photos (with photo credits if they are not original)

  • 4. Be brief

Make a point and try to keep it short. An interested reader may not be so interested after a few pages.

  • 5.  Read other blogs

Stay up to date with fellow bloggers. Learn some tips on how to format your blog in a more appealing way.

  • 6. Comment on other blogs

You love when someone comments on a recent post right? Then by all means, pay the dues of a blogger and comment when you agree or disagree with someone else’s post. Don’t just say “Great post!”, actually put thought into a comment. This is one of the best rewards a blogger can receive.

  • 7. Always try to link your findings in your posts

Finding interesting information is always a delight, especially when you direct your readers to the source. This often proves your point even more, and it reinforces your credibility.

  • 8.  Let it all roll off your shoulder

Be able to take criticism. Sometimes people are not going to like your opinion. Learn to refrain from firing back with a hard heart. This is a marketplace of free-flowing ideas, and you are entitled to your opinion as much as anyone else. Remember this when you get your first bad experience.

  • 9. Develop your own writing voice.

Without being mean, write in your own way. This draws a following of people who enjoy your take on a subject.

  • 10. Be open minded

Leave room for conversation. There are rarely situations where there is a total right or total wrong way to view something.  Have a backbone and take a stance on some issues, but leave room for others with an open ended writing style.


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