March 25, 2011 at 12:57 pm (Comm 4333 Topics of the week)

Peter Shankman, inventor or HARO (help a reporter out) has successful created a tool which allows reporters and sources to happily unite! It all began in 2008 and is one of the fastest growing social media services in North America.

Maybe its too soon to say that the days of pitching a story in 60 seconds is over, however this website is a step in the direction of the  “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” idea.

HARO creates free publicity for sources to appeal directly to the targeted journalists. This helps out not just the reporter, but the source. So, in all reality HARO should be HARASO (help a reporter AND source out).

This idea is genius! I can’t imagine how much time is saved by using a source such as HARO. Deadlines are kept, client’s needs are met and reporters are happy.

I can imagine as a PR practitioner my client will get the upmost coverage of their events locally and possibly nationally. I could be more efficient in landing coverage because I am appealing directly to reporters who are interested in my content. Although it is important to keep a contact list, with HARO it is less of a necessity because the program allows you to directly connect with reporters who are just as desperate for stories as you are to have them covered. It’s a win-win situation. No more out of date contacts!

Over 75,000 journalist inquiries have been published and 7,500,000 media pitches have been forwarded to prospective journalists. Journalists now have professionals and experts at their fingertips to narrow down the contacts they need to efficiently cover a story. Above all, it’s free, easy to use and independly owned and operated. Check it out today at http://www.helpareporter.com/.


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