Martin Waxman sharing insight on Public Relations

March 23, 2011 at 11:58 pm (Comm 2322 Topics of the Week)

I listened to the interview with Martin Waxman and I enjoyed listening to him discuss his company that is based out of Toronto, Canada. His agency is considered a boutique agency, which basically is emphasizing the size of the organization being quite small.

He found podcasting fun to do, and I found that surprising. I figured that a person as busy as he is would not enjoy being pulled in another direction to conduct a discussion that took more time out of his Sunday evening. The weekly podcast is available every Wednesday on iTunes, and is called “Inside PR”.  The show generally takes about 40 minutes before they start recording, which I never knew before this interview.

Digital footprints and “personal branding” was mentioned at some point during this interview. This is something I would like to learn more about.

He teaches social media classes, where he teaches PR students to utilize their skills and integrate social media tools which he has found to be a challenge. As an employer, some of the things that Waxman looks for all the traditional skills having to do with media relations. Although the PR world is evolving, it’s important to be grounded in the basics. He’s also looking for people who have an understanding of social media. Although a prospective employee may not be completely active in the social media world, they need to be following people on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

A tip that Waxman offered during this interview had to do with a blog that a prospective employee had submitted as apart of her portfolio which contained many spelling and grammar errors. It is so easy to look over those errors when you are in school, however when you are submitting a blog to an employer, it does not look good at all. The girl ended up loosing the opportunity to work with his agency because of this mistake.

I am surprised to learn how organizations closely watch what consumers are saying about their services and products. Apparently there are high tech tools that allow them to see every single thing that mentions the organization’s name.

Martin Waxman gave a lot of insight on how a traditional PR background is important to have before integrating all of the social media tools. Unfortunately this is how many students become frustrated when first getting their feet wet in the world of PR. His tips and words of wisdom were helpful in learning from more than one source, which is why I found the interview to be so successful.



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