Why did you “like” it?

February 25, 2011 at 10:26 pm (Comm 2322 PR Connections, Comm 4333 PR connections)

Image Credit: Goldman

Social media has driven marketers and PR professionals to compete for the most “likes” of their product. As you all know, Facebook is full of businesses and companies that want you to “like” their stuff. Why? Well a recent article has proved that there are many benefits to “liking” a Facebook page. The number one reason why a consumer “liked” a company was because they wanted to receive discounts and promotions. The second reason was because they wanted to show support for the company. The third reason was because when you “like” a page, companies will often give freebies or promotional coupons to consumers just as a thank you. It’s a win win. Consumers get free stuff, and companies get free advertising and in addition to the free advertising, 17% of Facebook users are more likely to purchase a product after “liking” the company.

It’s no wonder why Oreo is the number one company that is “liked” on Facebook. Not only is it a delicious cookie, but the company basically gives you a free taste just by “liking” it.

Marketers are having a frenzy on Facebook! It’s possible that this will fade away with all social media marketing tools, however as of recently 46 million people log onto Facebook at least once a day, and millions more use Facebook even if they don’t log on every single day. This is the perfect environment for companies to take advantage of.

To view more statistics on Facebook usage check out this website.


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  1. androopotter said,

    I wrote a similar post on my blog, but enjoyed reading yours as well. I agree that companies should take advantage of this tool.

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