February 16, 2011 at 9:16 am (Comm 2322 Topics of the Week, Comm 4333 Topics of the week)

Want to learn how to get ahead in the fast paced world of social media and public relations? Then check out Poynter‘s website and learn all about what is going on today.

One of my personal areas of Poynter is the Latest news tab. I love current events and I like to keep myself updated on what is happening around the world. Most of the news topics are on journalism, marketing and PR subjects so that even when you are keeping up on current events, it will always relate to your profession somehow. Not only does this section cover current news events, but it also includes interesting and helpful features that are blogged or reported involving writing for any type of media.

Another area of interest is the training tab. This section of the website focuses on helping those who are interested in taking initiative in their careers and  learning how to broaden their horizon in their field by using new programs. Students can learn in person by attending workshops for a fee, or they can learn for free by taking the online classes for free. This section also helps current businesses achieve goals within the company to keep costs down and activity up. There are many ways that Poynter can inform the company, and the individual.

There is also a section on the website that lists jobs that are available. Prospective employees can view available  jobs and leave their resume for employers to view and pick through. This is great because all information needed is in one convenient spot for both the employee and the employer that are trying to meet their needs.

Poynter is a valuable tool in the communications business, and is a great home base to refer to whenever you are dealing with struggles with learning to use the Associated Press style , beginning to learn how to market toward a particular age group or even looking for a new job.


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