February 8, 2011 at 12:13 am (Comm 4333 Topics of the week)

I know it’s become such a huge issue in recent years. Copying and pasting is only a few clicks is what it takes to cite a blog without giving the source proper credit. If this was to ever happen to me, I would handle the situation responsibly and professionally.

First, I would contact that person and ask them to cite my organization’s work. I would email them the first time, asking for the text to be taken down in 24 hours. If I did not get feedback in a day or so, I would call the person who scraped my information and passed it off as their own. If a phone number is not available, then go ahead and try to get ahold of the website manager or the administrator. Don’t become hostile because it could be an honest mistake. Forgetting to properly source a blog opinion is fairly common and often just a heads up to that person is all that is needed to correct the issue. After all, your opinion must be valued if others are picking up on your work.

After all routes have been sought, and nothing has changed then I would take legal action. This is incredibly unfortunate, and quite a headache to deal with, however it means a lot to me that my companies’ opinion remains appreciated in whatever field that opinion took place.  I would get a business lawyer and make a case against the specific person who stole the work. If we needed to make a case against them, be sure to gather the screenshots of the writing, and copy any emails that were exchanged.

My PR company needs to maintain a reputation of producing first hand information and opinions. It is important that if there is someone stealing our words that they need to cite my company’s work, or they need to take it down.


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