What was Groupon thinking?

February 7, 2011 at 10:14 pm (Comm 2322 PR Connections, Comm 4333 PR connections)

Have you heard about the new company Groupon? Yea, neither have I until last night’s super bowl game. Groupon was able to land air time during the most watched day of TV every year. And now that you’ve heard about Groupon, wait till you hear about the way they want to get their name out there.

Their commercial was extremely distasteful.  If Groupon wanted to make a funny commercial, then they could have informed viewers of their product, or even shared testimonies of their charity work while making light of the seriousness of the global issues at hand. Instead, viewers were appalled and revitalizing the company’s reputation needs to happen as soon as the company began.

Who really want’s to buy from a company who mocks Tibet for their cultural woes? I know that I don’t want to be a supporter of that. If viewers need to visit the web site in order to understand the sarcastic commercials that were meant to be funny, it basically defeats the purpose of having a humorous commercial all together.

Visit this website with more details on how Groupon fell flat during the super bowl



  1. rmlaflam said,

    When I saw the Groupon ad, I was really confused about what the joke was. It was dry, and I could see their attempt at humor but it really was offensive. The latest news is that Groupon is pulling the ad. On Groupon’s blog, an apology is written for offending people and an explanation that they are pulling the ads.

    Check out the apology here: http://www.groupon.com/blog/cities/one-last-post-on-the-super-bowl/

  2. Blog Comments COMM 4333 « Mid Day Coffee Break said,

    […] What was Groupon Thinking? by Angela […]

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