What is a public?

January 29, 2011 at 10:45 am (Comm 2322 Topics of the Week)

It feels nice to belong somewhere. Finding people who are like you, and that have the same interests as you gives everyone the warm fuzzy feeling. When a group of people gather for any occasion, this would be considered a public. A public can be relative to discuss a new product or idea, this public is now working toward a specific goal. Goal oriented publics work better together than apart because of the amount of resources the people have in each other. This concept is better known as “two heads are better than one”.

There are several benefits to being apart of a public.  One benefit would be having one loud voice together in an effort to change legislation etc. One person alone could not accomplish what a public is capable of. When a public pulls their funding together for a helping purpose, it is less of a strain on one person to fund a good cause. When there is a responsibility given to a group of people, spreading out the work load evenly over the public is more efficient than giving all the work to just one person.

I am an example of someone who belongs to several publics. I belong to the general U.S. public. This was not really considered a choice. I was born here. I also belong to the Florida public. I am originally from Michigan, so this was a choice for me. I don’t like the snow, and I wanted to settle where the palm trees grow. Southeastern University would consider me apart of their public, and Barbara Nixion would consider me apart of her classes’ public. I always knew that I wanted to go into communications. Most Communications majors identify with other Communications majors, which would make us one big public. At work I am apart of my team’s public for each given shift. This list goes on and on. Is it easy to see how many publics you belong to?


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  1. ertelg said,

    Being apart of a public is so great, as we all are apart of one. I honestly didn’t even think of classes being publics. Maybe I should go back and change that on my post! Haha. I think we forget how many publics there are. Every race, gender and group of people is a public. It is awesome!

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