Why comment on blog posts?

January 26, 2011 at 12:59 pm (Comm 4333 Topics of the week)

Leaving comments are vital to learning and interacting with others who are interested in whatever topic you were blogging about. I got great advice from a website that I have used in the past. Grammar Girl’s podcast gives a list of rules that give great advice on how to write a great blog comment. It is true that all bloggers desire comments from people because they want to have feedback from people who strongly agree and disagree with their stance. But it is important to leave a well developed thought before undermining your argument with the creator of the blog post. Find a point and stick to it. Be respectful and remember that the whole internet is audience to what is being said.

It is important to leave a comment that will spike the writer’s interest and really begin to dig into the subject further. Bad advice would be to just leave a simple comment without having any knowledge of what you are talking about such as this web site that I found while looking for good advice. I would also remind fellow bloggers to comment back, and keep the ideas flowing. If you find a blog where you learned a great deal of information, then by all means comment and thank them! This is rewarding for anyone to receive praise for the research and time that went into blogging.

Profanity and annoying personal attacks on your opinion are unwelcome everywhere. So don’t do it. I liked the video of the two women who created a song to point out the issue of bad comments left on blogs and youtube videos. There is a point to be made about tasteful comments and a good deal of our generation must have missed the memo. 


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